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I want to congratulate you on the beautiful production of "Miausolistin_Xenya". Indeed, Xenya is a Big Star now. She shows herself very well in the movie that she is clever, she is curious, she loves to explore and observe all from a vantage point high above everything. And most of all, she is gorgeous! You did Xenya proud!__"Nancy I thanks you for these lovely words!" marliss

Highlight for Album: Kunst-Blumen mit Katze Xenya
Album: Kunst-Blumen mit Katze Xenya
Changed: 04/01/2008
Contains: 16 items.

Highlight for Album: Xenya im Kerzenlicht
Album: Xenya im Kerzenlicht
Changed: 15/01/2008
Contains: 30 items.

Highlight for Album: Katzen in Edelrahmen
Album: Katzen in Edelrahmen
Changed: 04/01/2009
Contains: 12 items.

blinie - Marliss Joss (photography)

blackcat grafik1
blackcat grafik1 - Marliss Joss (photography)

blini - Marliss Joss (photography)

Highlight for Album: Katzen im Kunstlicht
Album: Katzen im Kunstlicht
Changed: 04/01/2008
Contains: 8 items.

Highlight for Album: Frau mit Katze
Album: Frau mit Katze
Changed: 06/01/2008
Contains: 3 items.

Highlight for Album: schwarzer Kater
Album: schwarzer Kater
Changed: 05/05/2007
Contains: 2 items.